'STING' & 'IPCast' Consortia & Cx Program

International Broadcast Broadband Internet ( IP) Convergence Consortia  {‘IBBICC’}

Deliberately Designed & Deployable, ‘Paradigm Shifting’ & ‘Leap Frogging’:
Next Generation : Cx Convergence Strategies, Networks & EcoSystems { ‘CADS’}

Establishing, Organizing & Co-ordinating : Pioneering and ‘Innovative Developments’ in “Next Gen : ‘Broadcast’, ‘Broadband Wireless Access' ('BWA'), ‘Internet’ ( IP), ‘Hybrid Terrestrial-Satellite (‘REP’) Networks’, ‘ICT’(‘SMACC’),‘Integrated Enabling EcoSystems’ (‘CADS’: Content, Applications, Devices, Services’ ) Convergence

'STING' & 'IPCast' Organizations, ‘R&D’ & ‘Pilot Programs’ demonstration activities have been developed and undertaken over a decade, with a preeminent ‘IBBICC’ : 'International Broadcast’, Broadband, ‘Internet’ Convergence Consortia’, which includes : ‘world technology leaders’, ‘Research Institutes’; ‘CSO’/ ‘NGO’/ ‘Philanthropic Foundations’, ’Govt Agencies’ from : India, USA, Japan, Singapore, UK /EU etc..

'STING' & 'IPCast' Consortia have, specifically and very deliberately, developed over a decade from India - these innovative and potentially entirely ‘Paradigm Shifting’ & absolutely clearly planned and designed : ‘Leap Frogging’ Strategies by the ‘IBBICC’ for ‘India & SAARC, ASEAN Region’ and subsequently for the ‘Africas’, ‘S&C Americas’ etc , which have already undertaken several 'pioneering and potentially, ‘path breaking' programs & projects in the 'BWA Convergence ' area in India :

  • World's (?) & Country's first / only: 'Mobile WiMAX { 802.16 (e/me) } Demo in New Delhi, India in 2004-6 program & ‘International Proposal’ for establishing & deploying a ‘National deployment Program’

  • World's (?) & Country's first ( & only 'Authorized' ) "BWA : 'WiDOX' ( Hybrid WiMAX/ DOCSIS: 700 MHz ) Systems" - 'Successful Demo' in 2006 ( still established BSNL.Noida ! ). This feat was 'uniquely achieved and demonstrated for weeks' over "30+ kms distance / 'NLOS' modes" between :

    Delhi & Noida ( UP) establishing 'BWA' Linkages & Services through 'BSNL' ( 'National Telecom Carrier' ) Noida with 'BWA' Linkages ( ‘30+ kms distance / 'NLOS' modes) from : BSNL Exchange, Noida (UP) with : 'Rashtrapathi Bhawan' ( 'Presidential Palace' ) ; 'AIIMS' ( 'All India Institute Medical Sciences / Services' ); 'AR&R' ( "Army 'R&R' Hospital")

  • Establishing the Country’s ‘National Spectrum Management & Monitoring Centre’ for the Govt of India ( Ministry of Communications & IT)

STING', 'IPCast', ‘IBBICC’ are currently entirely focusing on their ‘game changing’ “Next Gen : ‘Broadcast’, ‘Broadband Internet’, ‘Hybrid Terrestrial-Satellite (‘REP’) Networks’, ‘ICT’ (‘SMACC’), ‘Complex Integrated Enabling EcoSystems’ ( ‘CADS’) Convergence” programs for India / Region : ‘IPCast Infra’ & ‘Convergence@360

'STING' :  Strategic Technologies ImplementatioN Group

It should also be noted and clearly understood, that it is most important and quite necessary, ab initio, to ‘factor in’ the endemic issues of ‘poor quality and intermittent, power availability’ and hence, all these ‘Networks, Systems and Devices’ etc are in fact designed to be ‘autonomously Powered and operated’ – through various ‘Renewable Energy Power’ ( ‘REP’ ) systems, particularly through ‘Solar Photovoltaics’ ( ‘SPV’), which are also part of STING’s ‘Strategies’, experience and expertise in this area..

Pioneering ‘Renewable ( ‘REP’), Clean & Energies Efficiencies’ activities in India

  • ‘Solar India Group’ (SIG) ( with ‘RSG’, as its’ Founder, Chairman & CEO ) developed & deployed, for the Govt. of India, the following ‘Projects’, including inter-alia: Country’s First ‘Wind Farms’ ( @ ‘Tuticorn, TN; Puri, Orissa etc..)
  • SOLAR: Thermal Refrigeration (‘Milk Chilling Project’ at Bilaspur) with the ‘Technical University of Denmark’ & the ‘Danish Govt ( ‘DANIDA’ )
  • SOLAR: SPV Systems

    ( ‘Deep Water Pumping for ‘Rural Community Drinking Water Supplies’ in 14+ villages around the country; ‘Integrated SPV-Wind Hybrid ‘RE’ Systems’)

    Most of these programs were undertaken for :  ‘Govt of India’

    { viz ‘CASE’, ‘MNES/ MNRE’, MEA, Govt of India with the ‘Govt. of Denmark’ ( ‘DANIDA’) } . They were undertaken and implemented by:

  • STING :  Strategic Technologies &  ImplementatioN Group
  • ‘IPCast’ ( ‘India’ ) & ‘IPCast Consortium’ ( ‘Global’)
  • ‘Solar India’ ( subsequently integrated into ‘STING’)